How do you know if Green is really “Green”?

The South African consumer is now far more educated in the sphere of promoting an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Consumers can however be easily misled by companies that are engaging in greenwashing.

Greenwashing refers to a company that provide false impressions of their products being environmentally sound. This means that consumers are misled into believing that a company’s products are eco-friendly or that their products harness a positive impact on the environment when it does not. Greenwashing can occur in the form of misleading labels or environmental imagery to emphasize the notion of sustainable, environmentally friendly products. Companies engage in greenwashing because of the growing demand for eco-friendly products. It is much easier to engage in greenwashing than to provide authentic, environmentally friendly products.

In addition, most companies utilizing bio-enzyme and green cleaning products in South Africa, are currently importing from America, Canada, and European markets without considering efficacy to local conditions or the impact they are having on their carbon footprint.

How do you differentiate authentic Green products from green washers?

Companies that provide genuine eco-friendly products will always offer accreditations with facts and details. A company that claims to be environmentally friendly should specify whether the product, the product packaging, or both are positively impacting the environment.

Happy (environmentally conscious) shopping!



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